1.All orders are subject to credit approval by Ravee The Tailor .

2.We do not have refund policy. All purchase are final. Customers have read all the details of goods and services carefully and accept in term of price and specifications. If the customers have any doubt about there purchases, they must contact us in writing within 24 hours from the date that the order has been placed, so that we could rectify the order before we process the work.

  3.    As soon as the cloths order are ready to dispatch, we will inform the customers the shipping details and tracking number so that customer will aware that the package is on there way. It is customers ‘s responsibility to receive the package from the logistic or contact them  right away if they are not available so that the logistic company will arrange the delivery in the next day or agree date if customers are not at home or travelling. Fail to do so might results in extra  unnecessary cost to get the package from logistic company and the customer will have to handle that. As this is the thing we could easily avoid .This is all for customer ‘s benefit. 

4.Merchandise are to be checked immediately upon receipt; Ravee The Tailor will not be responsible for any shortage, damage thereafter. Ravee The Tailor will not be responsible for delays caused by transportation company.

5.For the benefit of customers .We take 100%  FULL CARE and RESPONSIBILITY  . It is a” must” for  customers to try on the cloths after they receive them and inform us within 3 days start from the time the the package is signed  and received from the logististic company by the customers or representative  in order to let us know if the problems occurs or  if any changes needed or require or to let us know or there is any things to change for a fitting test item. . So that we can rectify them or tell them the exact procedure required to solve there problems or  how to fix the problem afterwards and this is depend on our teamwork judgement and  only and we   will provide the customers the exact procedure and instructions or  solutions  for the customers to follow strictly our recommendation  solutions. If the customers fail to do so ,  we will assume that the cloths are perfectly fit and have no problems. Any claims after this will  not be accepted.

6.For customers ‘s benefit. All the prices and services  are clearly explained  to the customers  BEFORE they sign there credit card or make  payment .  

7.It is totally our judgement to reserve the full right not to receive or take the order or work with some  prospect.  Your credit card will not be charged 

8..If any item or material that the customers order are out of stock or not enough , we will inform you  immediately and send you some new sample for you  to choose for the alternative and it is customers requirement to choose the alternative and get back to us ASAP . So that we will not delay in processing your orders.

9.All the orders will be reach customers after 4-8 weeks time frame start from the last date of travelling schedule unless special urgent case.